Nate Feller, 2020

Nate Feller’s Iowa Preps Report

Prep Hoops Iowa had their eyes on the southside last week when they featured sophomore Nate Feller in a profile piece.


Posted On: 03/15/18 8:33 PM


Des Moines Lincoln is in the midst of a rejuvenation, and its 6-foot-3 sophomore shooting guard Nate Feller is at the forefront.

The Rails finished this season 5-18, but things are looking up — there were only two seniors on this year’s team — and it’ll be Feller’s team to lead the next two seasons.

The younger brother of Graceland-bound forward Will Feller, Nate explained to PHIA what is it that makes him one of the CIML’s most productive 2020s.

“I’m a really good catch-and-shoot guy, I get down there and run my lanes correctly. I’ve been working on that all my life. I’ve been wanting to work on ball-handling, so I can bring the ball up the court sometime,” he said.

“What I bring to the game is some good passing, and I want to win; and obviously, at Lincoln, we haven’t been that good. But, we’re making steps in the right direction, and I think I’m a big part of that.”

Feller was good as a sophomore with the Rails. He averaged 7.4 points and 4.3 rebounds per game.

“I played a pretty big part as a sophomore. And even though I was a sophomore, I was one of the leaders on the team,” said Feller. “Next year, I’ll be the main leader, and my coach has already talked to me about that; about being vocal and leading by example.”

Now, it’s the offseason for Feller and the rest of high school hoopsters around the country. Last spring and summer, he played with Kingdom Hoops Elite 15U. He’s not sure yet who he’ll play with this grassroots season.

“I know for a fact I’ll be playing with a team, but I haven’t made my decision yet on who I’ll be playing with,” said Feller.

“I’m definitely going to be working on my ball-handling a lot, so that I can be more versatile. And I’m going to try and put myself in bigger leadership positions, so that I can be more used to it next season when I take on that role at Lincoln.”

He added: “I just want to be a more versatile player and get better at every category.”

As for recruitment, he’s still a bit young, but Feller hopes it’s something that crops up for him this summer.

“I hope it happens pretty soon. My brother is going to Graceland on a scholarship, and I’ve talked to their coaches. Other than that, not many colleges have noticed me yet.” said Feller. “I hope this summer I can prove that they’re missing out so far.”





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