Members will get their names listed in our programs and on our website.

Members will get their name or their business name listed on our schedule poster. Businesses will also get their logo on our program and our website. Maroon businesses will also be recognized during home games in the 2018-2019 season.

Member businesses will be announced at every home game, get their name listed on our poster and get their logo on our website and in our game day programs. We will also take our picture with our players at your business to post on our social media pages and website as a thank you.

Members will have a ‘6 x 3 banner made with their business logo. Members will also get their name on our poster and logo on our website and game day program. We will take a picture with your banner to post on our social media pages and website. In addition, you will have the opportunity to be mentioned as the sponsor of our free throw line, three point line or timeouts.

Where Does the Money Go?
The purpose of the Rails Basketball Club is to provide opportunity for southside youth. The money that we raise goes to the Southside Player Development Initiative. This funding allows us to bring in outsourced offseason player development specialists, play in June tournaments and send our promising players to camps and clinics with no cost to our families.

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